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As you are reading this; a child in hospital is receiving a blood transfusion. A girl is learning how to smile again, as she recovers from leukemia.  In another ward, an old man is being treated for severe burns.  they all rely on blood donation from healthy people like you.

You could be investing in your own future as well as saving someone’s life!

Should we life for ourselves only or for others as well? Life is meant to be lived for the good of humanity and blood donation is one of the most respected acts of altruism that makes you feel good!

giving feels great, especially when you understand that one hour of your time and one pint of blood can save so many lives.

“…and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind”, and the sublime honor of being life-savior is a blessing that Allah rewards His people who are loved.

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